I Hear, Sirens, once more for the breach  my friends
Sworn enemy, with the violence -  freedom falls hard to the new tyrants
time breaks along a fault line,                              
legions move in a dark night
Hold on to the rail, Hold tight,       
Better Roll up ready for the fairground ride,  

Suffering is sacred,  there’s no fate if you gonna make it
  jump on the cracks, in the black pavements
bears don’t live there, better face it
mole skin, I fight with my lyrics
trying to mend the world but I know my limits,
 better put the venom in the mic so I kill it with the vibe, and I put a bit of insight in it.  

live for the day, when I can be truthful and  say, that we are moving towards the light
But who knows what the story is, could a been that the glory was once but has left us behind
But if we run away, we abandon all the ones that will stay, and our last hope to make paradise
Come now be heresy, we can make the  fantasy real if know who we are in this life  

So, I lie here terrified
For as the silence falls, I still here them strike
When they call their sirens on the winds tonight
Help me fly to the far light

well understand me, a violent parasite
will come tear down the poets and steal the light
And we call it 'society’ but we lie
cos the garlands have fallen. 

The lives that we're born in, is not where we're going
We don't have to wake up and take up their lies
 Society is rotten, time's come for loving
gotta dream to take up so wake up and rise

A Life is for living in, we can't be everything
Gotta take the time breath in the sunlight
I've the seen a warning, 
now the garlands have fallen
could it be the sun rise 

Beliefs, dead minds don’t figure this gonna end right,
fundamental peace is a better  insight, got a vision, but I need for the terror inside to flee    
freedom inner mind work, no we got to make a divine order, but no god, no hope, no curse,
everyone is a heathen, on this earth
dazed and forgetful, beneath the razor wire of the mental, got to be questioning fundamentals,  
Caught between the free and the more faithful,
Don’t look, walk on, fly with us, were the last ones, 
Brightest children of the vast suns, time to find were we come from.