Save a Bit of Light

From the very first day, I've seen a darker part of me. I never look for catastrophe, it runs around and the rhythm will dance with me. Same enough for faded eyes that see the hole erupt in the very heart of life, Aching just to be living in the light, hurting as the pain travels to my eyes.
I got a reason all the demons on the road are meant to be there
I'll never be sane without the air that drifts in islands within all I fear
We're all alone and that's the deal, but together we roam on in the cities and fields.
Changing all the games in our life, playing a part to keep stoking the fire

Standing on the shoulders of the greats, is not enough to keep a hold these days
Changing up the stakes, moving away, making it hard to live authentically
All the gods are dead and I believe they never left us a bright legacy
Now we're asking Who do we go to with all our matters of urgency

We've gotta see the need to feel the revolutions of the heart
As it circles deep within us, turning into endless tracks of cold rust
When I see it totally, there's no need to try throw it all away
With every ugly truth I am baptised, turning all the bitter taste in to wine

All hearts and dreams
Take us to this place where
We want nothing
Just to be a piece of
Moments in a restless time

If I should fall,
I would fall in bliss cos
My faded form, coloured in with mist is a
Role I could take or leave behind to give the form to the faded night

Binded to the former sea. Cannot even break doctrine
All living in atrophy can another tradition be asinine
I'm not gonna stay this time, living the lie to keep getting on by
Shame about the rest, now I got my own story.

Yeah we're so hard pushed to ... save a bit of light coming our way
Rise everybody in the rain.

Now I call on me, to reclaim all the apathy
It's not a fate that means I can blame it on this
culture government or politics.
I forsake the right when I feel life in the whole spectrum of this other light
I can mould a clay man and leave him blind, or accept responsibility this time

Now we go to forge a way, cos here we validate, negate the fallacy.
Shame about years that we weren't here, when our testament fell on a sea of deaf ears.
Lets start again the call to arms, strip me bare, enhance, the king is crowned at last
Centuries gonna remember us, when the world was healed and given back its heart.