We Take On

We take on, don’t be afraid of our salvation
We take on, only we can save us now

I’m alive at the minute, cast me a role call for the committed
need no politicians, I need a wizard
Striking up a ball of fire in a blizzard
when you build an arc got to think whats in it
carved inside is a place with a limit
Now we better take on, that’s why we stay strong
and we better follow the light of the spirit

And I see the fallen ones in me,
I’m another life but I know I bleed
Just like the falling sun, I wanna call this the hour of the greatest need
But I gotta belly full of hardened steel, inhabiting a heart, no apologies
Ripping up the violent illusions, end it like that, me gonna chase it away

These songs I sing, words, I sail for worlds
Take on reality. Don’t look back, and

We take on, don’t be afraid of our salvation
We take on, only we can save us now

One remedy, bought with gold when I met with a man wearing eyes like a blind fold
Fell asleep on a beach with marigolds, seven and a half days later and I’m alone
When I wake all the world is an island, the violin it plays in my head like a siren
I’m in trouble but I know this time I fight for the highest
What better be the colour of the morning sky, many kinda rays when I go outside
And I never fear not that I might see not. My heart is satisfied
Even in the night when the clouds fall down. Serenity is all around
And I want to show you something that will turn your life around

Make us whole, I pray
Fate, don’t lead me astray
My guess is my friend
So called, so called

There’s a holy light, when I lay down in darkness
I follow something that heals me